18.05.2018 | 09:00 - 18:30

„Putting Patients First“: Patientenorientierte Konferenz in Berlin (englisch/mit Eintritt)

HINWEIS: Diese Veranstaltung ist kostenpflichtig, findet vollständig auf Englisch statt und dreht sich um wichtige, allgemeine Belange von Patienten. Sie hat keinen speziellen Fokus auf Lebererkrankungen. Herr van Thiel, Redakteur der Deutschen Leberhilfe e.V., hält auf dieser Konferenz einen Vortrag über die Rolle von Patientenvertretern bei medizinischen Leitlinien.

28th May 2018
9:00 – 18:30

Location: Haus der Wirtschaft
Am Schillertheater 2

Organizers: Stgilesmedical GmbH, London & Berlin


Healthcare conferences rarely give patients a voice. Putting Patients First is a one-day, multidisciplinary, not-for-profit conference with a difference.

We aim to bring together all involved in the healthcare journey, including patients and their families/carers; healthcare professionals; pharma, medical device and digital health innovators; journalists; politicians; and speakers from Germany, the UK and across Europe. This event will be in English.

Session topics
• What patients want
• Let’s talk: better communication in healthcare
• The psychology of illness: how to cope better
• What should participatory medicine look like?
• Do health apps help?
• Ill health in women: a special case?
• What annoys us: patients’ and doctors’ views (debate)
• Personalised medicine: current reality and future bpotential
• Harnessing patient experiences for science, healthcare and policy
• Partnering with the industry: patient involvement in research and education
• The changing face of palliative care
• My uninvited guest: perspectives on chronic disease in the young and old
• Patient-centred healthcare: can we afford it?

To register, visit www.euhic.com

There will also be personal journeys, a scientific poster display, an exhibition of artwork by Tony Pickering entitled The Art of Being a Patient and an end-of-conference networking event with musical accompaniment.

Standard delegate rate: € 195
Bona fide patients, relatives and carers affected by significant chronic disease: € 75
Students and trainees: € 50
EuHIC-supported patients: Free (5x tickets only)

Our programme has been developed by an eminent group of patient leaders under the banner of the European Health Innovation Collaborative (EuHIC). The conference is being delivered on a pro-bono basis by Stgilesmedical London & Berlin.

Click here to view/download the conference flyer (PDF format, 4 MB).

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